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Zed Roof Cleaning operates across Nottingham and surrounding areas. We restore the original look & colour of your roof at an affordable price.

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What is included?


All dirt, moss, lichen, and algae will be removed


Gutters will be cleared out and left free flowing


Replacing any broken, missing, or suspect tiles


Waterproof coating applied for full protection

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Newark on Trent
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Protect the roof that protects you!

What We Do
Having your roof cleaned professionally not only makes a huge difference aesthetically but also expends the lifespan of the tiles and saves you money on future repair works. As an exterior surface, your roof is significantly exposed to the elements.

The build-up of dirt, moss and other organisms can cause damage over time leading to costly repairs. Gutters clogged with leaves, twigs, dust, and other debris prevent the gutter system from working as intended. Clogged gutters can serve as a nesting place of pests, lead to roof leakage and even flood your foundation.

After a professional cleaning your roof will look just as good as new, and the gutters will function properly.

Zed Roof Cleaning is a local family-run business with more than 5 years of experience. We offer professional and affordable roof cleaning service across Nottingham and surrounding areas. Your entire roof will be cleaned (including gutters) to remove all dirt, moss, lichen and algae.

With our expert knowledge on using jet washers safely on different type of tiles, your roof will be in good hands. Any cracked, broken, missing or suspect tiles will be replaced with new, matching tiles. We apply an anti-fungal treatment on the entire roof to kill the micro roots. We also apply two coats of 100% acrylic, fungicidal quality, waterproof coating for durability.
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Behind the scenes of Zed’s roof cleaning project

Zed Roof Cleaning operating in Nottingham and neighbourhood has recently completed a roof cleaning project. Check out our fantastic before and after footage and give us a call if your roof needs some magic.

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There are some myths around whether jet-washing your roof is good for the tiles or not. The short answer is, better not jet-washing it yourself, leave it to the experts.

I heard that jet washing your roof isn't good for the tiles?

Jet-washing, when done expertly is not harmful for the tiles. Generally, roofs that need cleaning are 20-30 years or even older, meaning the original protective sealant of the tiles is long gone due to weather conditions, dirt, moss and other organisms. We will apply brand new waterproof coating after the cleaning process.

I'm worried that jet-washing will cause leakage in the loft.

Most roofs have felt (roofing underlay) underneath the tiles which protects your building from heavy rain and water leakage. We assess the condition of your roof and act accordingly to clean it safely.

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